Original Beetle, Insect and Nature Art.

Hi there,

I’m Grant Menzies,
a designer and illustrator driven by the captivating intricacies of the natural world.


My passion finds expression primarily through intricate illustrations of beetles and insects, capturing their unique forms and vibrant colors. However, my artistic exploration extends beyond the six-legged world, encompassing flora and fauna in all their fascinating detail.

Driven by a love for the natural world, I translate my observations and experiences into captivating visuals. Each illustration, whether a detailed beetle or a vibrant portrayal of a blooming flower, is a testament to nature’s beauty and complexity.


The Brand

Coleoptera Art: Where Nature’s Wonders Take Wing

Coleoptera Art embodies my passion for nature and meticulous attention to detail, reflected in my artwork. “Coleoptera” (pronounced ko-lee-op-tuh-ruh) signifies the order of insects encompassing beetles, the primary source of inspiration for my creations.

Many of my pieces involve sustainably sourced and respectfully preserved beetles that serve as reference points. Authenticity and meticulous detail are fundamental to both my art and the very essence of Coleoptera Art.

Contact Me

Please use my contact page or send a DM on Instagram to get in touch

Solbergavägen 29, 611 37 Nyköping
Swedish registered company – VAT: SE740327547701


I care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why I am thrilled to be a partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every piece of artwork/print I sell.

Trees clean our air and water, create habitat for biodiversity, contribute to our health and well-being, and create jobs for social impact. I am honored to include supporting reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of my business model. Read more about One Tree Planted or get in touch with me for more information.

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