Original Beetle, Insect and Nature Art.

Coleoptera – Splendid Beetles

One out of every four animals on earth is a beetle!

It is estimated that there could be as many as 3 million beetle species living on the planet. Scientists have described 350,000 of these.

So. In other words. There are plenty of specimens out there, and beetles are the subject of this project entitled simply “Coleoptera“.

  • Coleoptera: Greek koleon ‘sheath’ + pteron ‘wing’; Aristotle already called beetles ‘koleopteros’ (κολεοπτερος) to refer to the hardened front wings protecting the membranous hind wings.
  • English beetle means “the little biter”, derived from Old English bītan, “to bite” (Patridge 1958)


All of my artwork is drawn from my own collection of beetles sourced from various traders. I ensure that these have been ethically handled and from sustainable resources.

I believe there is nothing better than referencing the real thing to be able capture the beauty, elegance and intricacies of beetles.


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